Easy Ice Cream Cake

Course Dessert


  • 1 small cake recipe or mix of choice (cake is baked ahead of time)
  • 1 qt ice cream of choice
  • Optional layers and fillings to consider:  ganache, crushed cookies, cookie dough, caramel sauce
  • Optional frosting or topping to consider:  buttercream frosting, whipped cream, ganache, caramel


  • Bake cake in Flexipan Mold you intend to make your ice cream cake in.  Let cake cool completely before placing in freezer to freeze.  Freeze until solid (at least 3 hours or overnight).
  • 30 minutes before you start assembling your ice cream cake, take the ice cream out to start softening.  While ice cream is softening, you can prep your cake layer.
  • Unmold cake if you want to cut the cake horizontally to create two layers.  If only using one layer of cake, you can move to the next step without unmolding.  If using two layers, return the first layer of cake to the mold to start layering and set the second layer aside (I set the extra layer on an Octagonal Bonmat while working on layers).  Your first layer is the layer that was on the bottom of the mold.  In the case of the Fluted Square Mold, your first layer is the cake with the fluted design molded into the cake. 
  • Make sure your Flexipan Mold is sitting on your Perforated Baking Sheet to remain level as you layer and so you can easily move the cake in and out of the freezer as you create your layers.  Also, be sure you have room in your freezer for the baking sheet before you begin. 
  • Transfer your softened ice cream from the container to your Stainless Mixing Bowl and stir with your Blender Spatula to create a smooth uniform consistency that is fairly easy to spread on top of your cake layer. 
  • Spread ½ of the ice cream on top of your cake.  Using your Blender Spatula or the Flexible Scraper, smooth the ice cream layer to be as level as possible.  Return to cake to freezer to set.  You will want to leave at least 20-30 minutes for each layer to set before moving to the next layer. 
  • At this time, you will also want to make sure your remaining ice cream is staying cold enough to remain solid but soft enough to spread.  This means you might be returning it to the freezer while working. Your next layer will be crushed cookies of choice.  You can crush your cookies with your Eco Chop or with the Beechwood Rolling Pin & Roul’pat.  Spread evenly the crushed cookies, caramel sauce or ganache over the first layer of ice cream.  Return to freezer to set for 20-30 minutes.
  • Your next layer will be the other ½ of the ice cream.  Spread ice cream to create another level layer and return to freezer.
  • At this point, depending on the space you have in your mold and your desired fillings, you can either add another layer of fillings (crushed cookies, ganache or caramel) or you can add your final cake layer.  You can also make your last layer be a layer of crushed cookies and make that your final layer.  Once all of your layers are created, return the cake to the freezer to freeze for at least 3 hours or overnight. 
  • After this final freeze, you can remove from the mold and decorate to serve or you can remove from the mold and wrap tightly in plastic wrap to store in the freezer until you are ready to decorate and/or serve.  We love decorating our ice cream cakes with frosting and/or whipped cream using our Pastry Bag and Tips.  We decorate and then return to the freezer until ready to serve.  When it’s time to serve, you will pull the cake out of the freezer 10-15 minutes before you plan on cutting it with your Cake Server Knife.