Tips for your bonCOOK Products:


*    bonCOOK Flexipans are made from food grade silicone and woven glass.

*    They never need to be sprayed, greased, or floured because nothing sticks to them.

*    When using the bonCOOK Perforated Baking Tray, your baking time may be less.  Test your baked goods with a tester the first time to determine the baking time.

*    Look at the bottom of the mold and you can see the woven glass foundation.  This is what gives the mold its strength and durability.  The glass foundation is the key to bonCOOK’s patented technology.  Glass is a heat conductor that cooks evenly and thoroughly.

*    The food grade silicon is FDA, NSF and Kosher certified.

*    All flexipans are warranted for a lifetime of use when used as directed.


Use, Care & Warranty Information

Eco-Chop Instructions (English)

Product Use & Care Sheet

Product Suggestions Sheet

Tips for Flexipans

Pastry Bag Tip Sheet

Flexible Scraper Tip Sheet

Mandoline Instructions (English)